Building Elevation Measurements

Has anyone had any luck with taking measurements of a building elevation from a 3D model? I need measurements on the x and y axis to get height and length of side of a building.

By X and Y you mean of a cross-section? Or X and Z? You might take a quick look at this. In addition there is the ability to measure in the 3D model as well.

Thanks Michael for the information. I am trying to measure the vertical and horizontal sides of a building. I also need the surface area measurements for a buildings side. Can you use the area measurement tool in the 3D model?

You can, but it is not a fully mature solution. I get it close in 2D and then drag the vertices to the correct corners in 3D. I do know there is some development still going on in the background for the 3D aspect.

What it won’t do is measure inside that vertical face. As if you are looking for glazing areas.