Bug reports?

Forum information is bogus and 5 free maps a month is messed up


Mavic Pro

iPhone 7 Plus / iPad - Winblows 7
Latest (upgraded before yesterday)

So, please forgive me if I sound irked, I am not…now… heh… but… 2 things:

1 - It would be nice if you automated the forum registration locks so that you TOLD us… “hey… IM me 3 times to ask why your account has a temporary suspension, and we will unlock it for you so you do not spend an hour going 'why was I suspended and how can I post a question?”… I mean… since you send trial accounts here and tell them all they have is forum support… would help us learn. I get it… lock out the bots./. but bots won’t read the ‘here is why’ message… WE will…"

2 - I had a long learning curve trying to figure out why my maps were cut in half. I finally gave up…then yesterday / this weekend… tried again. Seems that if I change the start position, it moves, but thinks I mean to not do the rest of the map. Okay, not a huge deal… all in a learning thing, BUT… I made 5 maps… figured to try out all my 5 free, right?

For some reason, it “processed” one map twice.

No, I did not upload the same map twice. I do not even think you CAN do that… but, it kept saying I had used up my 5 free maps… and I kept looking and seeing only 4. This morning, I got up and saw I had 2 of the same email like 6 seconds apart… hence why I was unable to do a 5th map.

What gives?

Thank you!


By the way, awesome site. Take this as me trying to get ready to work and fitting in a forum search and post, now that I can post lol… having fun with this again now that I had time to figure out the map issues I was having. Biz-zay life gets in the way :wink:

Just want to do that 5th map so it fits in and I can see how or if they will stitch together.

May be worth a month of upgrade to see what happens when I do 2 at once heh :wink:

Thank you all!

Guess today will be spent reading more forum posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @jrbtx,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. Glad to have you participating in it :slight_smile:

As I mentioned to you via email, your map was processed once but it seems that you received two emails notifying the completion. This was causing some confusion here. We are still investigating why you are having troubles uploading the images to create your 5th map. I will notify you once we have some additional feedback.

Happy mapping!

Hi @jrbtx,

I just wanted to close the loop here with you in regards the issue that was preventing you from creating your 5th map on your current Explorer plan.

It seems that the issue was related to the modified date associated with one of the maps that you created back in April this year. If you have used our Adding Additional Images to a Map workflow that will count as a new processing (like a new map). Our apologies for this misunderstanding.

You should be ready to upload more images now. Happy mapping!