Bound Processing or Export With Polygon Bounding Box?

I processed a bunch of photos and the output was a rectangular area but the mission was a polygon area. Is there any way to constrain the processing (aka bounding box) to a polygon area or specify to not process a certain area outside the outer most camera locations or any locations that don’t have a minimum amount of overlap?

The photos I processed were from a mission that another pilot ran in DD and sent me the photos. If he had done the processing would it have automatically “cropped” the output to the polygon shape of the mission or would it sill be a retangular area output.

I also assume you can’t constraing the processing bounding box in the vertical plane.

Hi @consultant,

These are great questions and I may have answers for you! Our software automatically creates a polygon shape for the area that was mapped, and the processed map output is a result of that polygon. However, you should be able to adjust the polygon to only process images within the bounding box on the uploader page. It should look like this (the blue box is adjustable):

If you’d like to adjust the bounding box after your map has already processed, please take a peek at our Cropping guide, which explains how to crop and adjust your map polygon.

Please let me know if you need any additional clarification. Happy to help!