Blurred images over woodland

Slight issue gathering images over woodlands with DP4.
All rest of images are fine. Sharp etc.
However when passing over woodlands/forest (in at least one area of the site) the pics are coming back out of focus.
Setting is for DD to control focus and exposure.

Is there a DJI Go setting that should be checked/changed? Not sure if it’s happened before. But don’t think it has.

Any thoughts gratefully received

I would suggest flying higher or taking off at a place where it will climb to altitude and have the woods in there when it sets focus. The woods may be 100 feet closer to the camera and thus, out of focus.


Am at max altitude. 400’
The site contains a mixture of forest and open grassland. So, even if started on forest (which wouldn’t work with this mission) it would still be flying over open land, to forest and back.
The woods are def more than 100’ closer.

Any settings that can be adjusted?

It also has to do with the cameras ability to adjust to the lighting condition. I have quite a hard time on construction sites when the images traverse from woods to road base or concrete. In one direction the woods are super dark and in the next path the base and concrete are blown out. This was really bad with the P3P and the P4P is much better, but I still do post-processing to even everything out.

Like Gary said though increasing elevation will help because you are introducing more light across the board so the camera has to adjust less.

Think I need to fly slower. And poss with more overlap. But light conditions were low.
Can I adjust the ISO or min ISO on the drone to let more light in?

For stop motion, you need max aperture. You want min iso at that aperture to reduce artifacts.You’re on-point with flying slower. You can do that by increasing overlap or by manually slowing the bird down in settings… which also happens to increase overlap.

Thanks for this.
What do we estimate is a good air speed for low light (overcast) ortho flights?
Split mission.

It seems like at moderate overlaps that the drone usually runs at around 22-26mph so I would experiment at 20 or below. I have run a few small jobs at 80+ overlaps and it has slowed down to 10-15mph.

Thanks I will try that next time. And poss change the flight orientation. Though in this case that would have meant flying with a cross wind the whole mission