Blurred Google Maps

Hello to everyone. I did a little research on the forum, but I couldn’t find anything related to the topic.
I live in turkey.
When I log in to the dronedeploy website using my computer, the google maps image that comes as a base is quite beautiful.
Like that :

but when I open the dronedeploy application on the ipad, the google maps image is very bad.
Like that:

any help will be much appreciated.

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Looks like they’re just not loading because of before internet connection. You can have good bars and still have latency causing issues.

Thanks for the reply my friend. But this is not about internet download. Google maps are served to Turkey in this way. I can get a clear image from the computer somehow, but this is not possible on android and ios phones and tablets.
Do you plan to add another satellite image from google maps? Like Yandex or apple maps?

So they only allow low-res on mobile devices? Even if you Wi-Fi the device instead of cellular? That would be very odd.

Unfortunately it is. some kind of censorship in turkey on google maps images.There are many users who suffer from this situation. It would be nice if a 2nd satellite image was allowed to be added

That’s insane. Can you not access a VPN?