Bluebeam File Management

Geo tiff on blue beam, I have not tried anything with mapping on Plan Grid yet. Like I said be for my Blue Beam is stuck on a slow core i5 laptop. But I might buy my own Blue Beam for my personal PC.

Ok, so just uploading the file to a Bluebeam Project? The conversion and viewing the file is not working or the actual uploading?

Like I said the uploading works fine in PlanGrid, but the quality is poor whether I do it as a plan sheet or a document.

Blue Beam it is, what do you use if client needs contour lines and elevations, a TOPO if I am correct?
Is Blue Beam Capable, I do not see were this can be done on DD…

Yeah, it’s a level above that I believe - Studio Prime.


If they want the raw elevation data like CAD contours or surfaces then that has to be done in CAD or QGIS. DroneDeploy can export the DXF contours, but they are decimated. I don’t know if that is a plan-level option as well.

In Bluebeam you can provide maps with the contours, but it can’t generate the contours. If you get into more of a construction or engineering scenario where the client wants to look at the data it would probably be better to use QGIS for the workflow. It will automatically align the data since it is georeferenced, can create contours from the DEM and create a host of other information. It is better at viewing large datasets as well.

You can then export that as DXF’s, shapefiles and new geoTIFFs. There are some tricks getting it back out because that data will be huge. I put in a 500MB ortho only overlayed a contours DXF and when I exported it back out at full resolution it was 3GB!

Thanks Gentlemen, the information is much appreciated!