Blank camera screen with Mavic Pro 2

During a mission camera view is black. It was ok with Mavic Pro 1

Did you find a solution, I have exactly the same with the Mavic 2 pro.

No. It looks as a bag, so we should wait for update.

Same here … encountered it multiple times with my MP2 Zoom. But only with the first flight. After I brought it back and it went up for second flight the Live Map did shot up

Recently I made multiflight mission. The first flight was with black screen, the second and the third with normal screen. Only at home I found that during the first flight camera wasn’t vertical and I couldn’t create the map. I can’t lost working day. Plus request to login to DD with password on my phone without Wi-Fi.

Well, it begins being critical.

First flight today without screen and not vertical camera again is waste!

@Vavania Sorry to hear about the blank FPV screen. We recommend that if you have a black/frozen fpv screen to unplug and replug the USB cable anytime after using DJI GO 4 (this is still the case even if you’ve closed the DJI GO 4 app). You may even need power cycle the device after you have closed DJI Go and before you open to launch DroneDeploy.

Also just to note that the FPV screen will be black if 3rd party camera is enabled.

We hope this help!

hello, I have the same problem with my Mavic Pro 2