Black border surrounding map

When I import a non-square 2D maps into another system, I notice a black border around the map making the entire thing into a square. I’m importing into GIS Cloud. Any ideas? I’m emailing GIS Cloud, too. See image below. Thanks for any assistance!

Hi @John_Born - could you please send us an email with the Flight ID of this map, and we’ll look into it further? The address is . Thanks in advance.

We’ve seen similar behavior in other software. It’s likely that your service provider can’t handle what’s called “alpha channel” (handles transparency) in their format conversion. If the tiles are jpeg, it’s inherent to the format. If I understand the workflow correctly (and that’s a big if :wink: ) it’s not really a DroneDeploy problem as much as it is a GIS Cloud problem. A work around might be just to fly a rectangular pattern.

Great. I’m talking about GIS Cloud about it as well.

Neema: How do I locate my Flight ID? These are map engine uploads. The flight and image capture were manual.