Binding Inspire 2 RC to Phantom 4 Pro V1

I swear I was able to bind Inspire 2 standard RC (GL6D10A) with Phantom 4 Pro V1 once before, but the memory doesn’t serves me any better. Can anyone confirm my believe? I need to map a piece of land with DroneDeploy app, but can’t do it with Phantom 4 Pro+ radio (the one with build-in Android device). Pease correct me if I’m wrong …

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Hey Matthew. I don’t have first-hand knowledge and I have seen conflicting messaging. There is a nice compatibility chart someone built that shows it will not work. But in the following linked post, someone said that it will bind and appeared to work just fine. But they didn’t say if they flew it and the DJI rep said they discourage it. Which isn’t surprising. Are you not able to bind it using the procedure in the manual?

The validity of this approach was already confirmed by few users. The radio (either Inspire 2 or Cendence ver.1) binds without a hitch and does the job as expected. I’m almost sure I did that long time ago and run a DD mission or two, but like I said … almost sure :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks.

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Yeah, I saw the other post. Hopefully a FW update on either the I2 RC or the P4P didn’t disable the ability.