Better interface for navigating between different maps within a project

The current tool isn’t ideal. It would be better if you could see a list showing all the maps within a project. Having to click next/previous on the calandor to navigate between maps is not user-friendly.

It would also be good if when you click in the project, pins for all the uploads are shown. It currently only shows a pin for the latest upload. I would like to be able to see pins for all the uploads within the project. This would be especially helpful if there are multiple maps in slightly different locations within a project and when there are video uploads - so I can see at which locations I have uploaded videos.

I had a conf call with @Anya last month and showed her some of what your requesting. So hopefully these items will be coming soon.

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Could you show this or explain a little? My projects, including progress/Pano/video already litter the map. I have learned to move the drone a bit before each flight or the points are on top of each other.

Projects litter the map. But as far as Iknow if you go within a project, you will only see the map for the date you have selected.

If you look at these photos. The pins for the 2 videos are only viewable when I select the date they were uploaded.

I would like a view where I can see pins for all videos/reports displayed at once, not just for the date selected

Now I see what you’re saying. That’s not supposed to happen. The photos, panos and videos are supposed to be on the map according to the date that they were recorded. Is this not happening for you?

Do you have “New DroneDeploy Interface beta*” turned on?

Yes. I have been running the beta for a while. I had the same issue with the map on one date because I uploaded it immediately and then the other media showing up on the day that I uploaded it, but it was fixed about 2 months ago. If it’s still happening we need to email

To turn on the Beta Interface:

  1. Click Settings (Gear Icon)

  2. Click New DroneDeploy Interface beta

That will switch you over to the latest and greatest interface, but remember it’s beta and it could change as they add/modify features.

Lol, yes it will. So far it has been slow and steady, but has caught me off-guard a few times recently. Lightyears beyond where we started though.

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I have been using this for a while. this is where I’m having the issues mentioned.

Instead of cooking on the arrows to scroll through them you know you can click on the calendar right? I would have a terrible time if it was set up the way that you’re saying. I have 60 plus projects on my dashboard in anywhere from 5 to 30 flights per project. There’s no effective way to show that amount of information at once. On the second part I think you’re kind of asking for a dashboard inside of the project right? So that you can see all the individual uploads? The only problem with this is that there would be no way to differentiate one from the other if they were all the same flight pinned at the same location. Please be patient with us while we try to figure out what you’re saying.