Beta V8 Release (DroneDeploy 1.0.6)

Version 8 (1.0.6) is now out!

Download the APK and Check out the Release Notes. For those first getting started, please read the Getting Started Guide.

We’re excited to get your feedback! If you have any feedback or bug reports specific to this version, please reply to the V8 topic in the Bugs and Feedback category.

Most Notable Updates:

  • Undo button on the planning page
  • Improvements to the upload UI on desktop (needs to be deployed next week)
  • Shutter speed and exposure should get set correctly now
  • Bug fixes

The camera settings that we try to set are:

  • 1/1000 shutter speed
  • indoor white balance (we found this the best for most applications and we need to have it be the same for all photos)
  • auto ISO
  • 0 exposure compensation