Beta V7 Release (DroneDeploy 1.0.5)

Version 7 (1.0.5) is now out!

Download the APK and Check out the Release Notes. For those first getting started, please read the Getting Started Guide.

We’re excited to get your feedback! If you have any feedback or bug reports specific to this version, please reply to the V7 topic in the Bugs and Feedback category.

Most Notable Updates:

  • The ‘Live Support’ on the sidebar is enabled and works much better. If you have trouble you can chat with us.
  • Removed some of the unused elements from the UI, such as the play/pause button
  • Some small bug fixes
  • There is now an option to fly with a higher overlap. Almost everyone we’ve seen has been making really good maps and won’t need this option. A few users are doing Agriculture maps with NDVI and the higher overlap should help get better results.