Beta V10 Release (DroneDeploy 1.1.0)

Hi guys,

We’ve been hard at work trying to work the past week working around the problems/bugs with DJI’s newest SDK. We’ve found workarounds for all the ones we know about. We are hoping to release a more public beta version to the Play store soon so if you see any big issues that didn’t exist before let us know and we’ll try to put out a fix ASAP.

Please post any bugs to the V10 Bug report thread

Release Notes:

  • Gimbal points down after takeoff and if you use dronedeploy’s home button or wait until the end of the mission it should point up before landing.
  • Improved takeoff a bit. It should take off, then hover for a bit, adjust the gimbal, then continue on it’s mission. You should be able to identify any weird issues while it is hovering so you can take over before it continues. This new takeoff should hopefully help for those users who saw a random takeoff after sending a mission while there was a compass error (we haven’t checked this yet)
  • Updated the name that is visible to the user to Inspire/P3 to reduce confusion.
  • DJI has provided us with an improved way to accept waypoints. You should see the drone move a lot quicker through it’s path. We still point to the next waypoint currently because that is how we calculate frontlap and sidelap.
  • You can now disable the automatic camera settings in the profile settings. If you want to use this you have to set your camera settings in the DJI app and we won’t mess with them.

The APK file is here:

Phantom 3 Pro Firmware:

Phantom 3 Advance Firmware:

Inspire 1 Firmware:

As you can see we are linking directly to the dev firmware for DJI. Note that for the next week or two this is still a dev firmware which is the same as before. We’ve heard it should be release to the public firmware.

Phantom 3 Advance does not show the correct image counts for maps currently, but otherwise seems to work fine.

We were previously working on an offline mode and a desktop planning mode (before the 1.3 debacle). We will now continue work on those and hopefully have them for this/next week’s release.



For those still running v1.2 of the DJI firmware who don’t want to upgrade to 1.4, you can still use v9.1 of the DroneDeploy app: Beta V9.1 Release (DroneDeploy 1.0.8)

As soon as v1.4 is made publicly available, we’ll stop supporting old versions of the app.

A gentle reminder that this can now be accessed from the Play Store.

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