Beta UI Navigation Pane

Please make the Search box persistent on the left-hand navigation pane. It would help if I have scrolled through my 100’s of projects could suddenly jump to a different section.

Also, what is that status of the sort function for the Project pane?

Hi @MichaelL,

Great feature request! I can see how if you are navigating through tons of maps, you would want to have that search box persistent on the page with you instead of having to go all the way up to use it. I’ll bring this up to our meeting with product.

As for the sort function, we have enabled the ability to search via Date Creates, Date Modified, and Alphanumeric. You should just need to press the Date Created button under your search bar to access all these:


If you are referring to searching within an actual project, the only ways to do this currently is to still use the arrow or the calendar. Please let me know if I can clarify anything or if I did not understand the question correctly.

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This is a big deal. Thanks!