Beta 1.4.5 on Android 5.0 (Asus K102) Crashing right after start when USB connected

Could not find relevant subject for reporting USB connecting crashes. Only found wiki-article refencing on some internal library-problem, but do not know if this applies.

I can start DJI Go OK on the Asus Fonepad K102 (Android 5.0), but Beta 1.4.5 Crashes right after start when USB is connected to the controller and selecting DroneDeploy as app to connect. Sent crash report through normal “PlayStore app reporting”. Drone PH3 Pro, latest firmwares.

If I start 1.4.5 without USB, app launches just fine, but minute I connect USB and select app FC.

Is this crashing related to wiki-article Troubleshooting Inspire/P3 beta and the topic “App crashes within a few seconds of launching”? Is there some steps I can take to try to avoid force close?

With samsung Galaxy S5 no FCs with my setup.


I’ll take a look at the reported crash in the play store to see if I can figure out what is causing this.

I think this is happening due to being an Intel based tablet. DJI hasn’t released dev support for those yet. I think this should be changing with their new sdk coming out in the next couple months.

Oh, dang, I did not remember that little phablet is Intel Atom based. Well, that is good to remember as intended to use some other DJI PH3 SDK based 3rd party software on it. Just wondering why they do not support Atom on the SDK if they already have made Atom compatible GO-app… :smile:

Might be good to add to wiki that FCs might be caused by Intel based Android device?