Beta 1.4.2 Bugs and Feedback

1.4.2 should fix that. 1.4.0 had that bug.

ok…just did a “no prop” test and all seems ok. I’ll do a flight tomorrow. It still comes up with the error on not being able to take the test image but now I get the green airoplane button to start the mission and the motors spun up so I’m hoping it will work on a normal flight…what is the reason for it failing the test image check stage?

Usually the failing test means we are getting back timeouts when telling the camera to start capturing so we can’t be sure that it actually does start. Ive been interested to know how often people fly anyway and it works.

has anyone reported back that it DOES actually work once on a mission?

Before we added he check we had people fly and still capture so that’s why we now let you skip it. Let me know during your tests how it goes.

will do…thanks for the support

Hi @chasemgray
A little feedback from 1.4.0 (couldn’t try 1.4.2 yet)
I’ve flew 5 offline missions with 1.3.0 without a problem, everything went really smooth and we were really impressed with the offline feature.
We went back to the field 3 days later with the 1.4.0 version (after syncing all plans one more time just to be safe) and we couldn’t pass the “creating initial plan from profile” step, we had to find a internet hotspot (45 minutes away) and I managed to download the 1.3.0 version and all went perfectly again.
Was there any issue with the 1.4.0 version since the 1.4.2 was released quickly after?
One thing I noticed is that version 1.4.0 didn’t ask my if I wanted to go to “offline mode” since there was no internet there.

Thanks for the hard work!

That issue should be resolved with 1.4.2. Glad you found a way to fly anyway.

Flew updated DD 1.4.2 with Beta DJI firmware with Inspire 1 and an Nvidia Shield tablet. Had a lot of issues on the earlier ver of DD yesterday before update. Could not fly a successful mission. Today I went out with the update and had trouble with camera test shot. Flew anyways… aircraft launched and flew route and returned successfully BUT all photos were way underexposed and unusable. Had checked camera settings in DJIGo before DD. Also, still getting the error where the camera keeps taking pictures over and over after the mission. The only way to stop it is to shut off the power on the aircraft.

So if we aren’t able to access the camera, it’s possible that a lot of the settings we try to set don’t work. I would suggest turning on disable auto camera settings if you are skipping the camera check.

Map Engine isn’t working for me. Although the “Projections” button shows a healthy collection of images, the rendered map represents only a small portion of the gathered data. This same data was used successfully in standard “Uploads”. All attempts with the Map Engine are titled ending in “Map Engine” in my dashboard.

Tested 1.4.2 and had several successful flights. Although we did have the app freeze multiple times on the mission upload and we also noticed the the back button on our Galaxy Note 5 and other android devices we tried would not work. Only way out of the app was to “close all”. We also noticed that there is no way that we’re aware of to rotate the flight plan. For various reasons we need to alter the from lets say north-south grid and turn it to be east-west. Lastly, we were unable to designate a starting point to our grid, the software automatically defines this parameter and for safety reasons we would prefer to be able to alter the start and end of our grid pattern. One other question, is there any way to limit the speed of the aircraft? It seems to be related to altitude for efficiency but we would love to be able to change that parameter.


This is good feedback. I’ve added it to our priority list. Right now we’re heads down trying to get iOS out the door but we’re still fixing Android bugs as well.