Best way to edit photos before upload


Hmmm. Sorry to hear it. Have you tried with the Sunny settings in DJI Go enabled versus the auto settings in the DD app? That tends to help.


I will try the manual camera settings next time and it shouldn’t be a big deal. I should have noticed how dark it was while the mission was going along. I’ll know better what to look for from here. I was able to edit the images. I actually used Windows Photo Gallery to batch edit the entire set. It left all the EXIF data intact. I reprocessed the map and if looks much better.


I have had this issue a few times and found adjusting the camera on route to the first waypoint seems to solve the problem. This does not help with photos already taken, I know.


To my mind everything possible has been already said so i don’t even know what to add. Nevertheless, nobody has mentioned something like that here all this process is described in details so i suppose you’ll like it too


ACDSee is an inexpensive photo editor with a ton of functionality and most important non-destructive batch editing. It preserves your geotags too.


Perhaps you’d better try another program for editing photos. I had worked with lightroom several times before and there occurred some glitches occasionally. Then I tried color splash background. The result impressed me! It took several minutes to create a masterpiece. And I’m not exaggerating!) Since then I haven’t done without it.


Looking at color splash and I do not see holistic color adjustment for exposure editing. We are not really talking about special effects, but optimizing the lighting conditions to provide the best point matching and overall map quality.

Several minutes per photo? Or several minutes to process all the photos? ACDSee is about 15 minutes of my time for 300 photos, or 20 seconds per photo. The computer does the rest.