Best way to edit photos before upload

So I tried to do some light contrast/white balance work in lightroom using batch editing, but the dronedeploy upload failed after editing. I didn’t crop or anything like that, so I don’t know why it failed. The same data set worked really well with no editing; however, I’m working on a marketing project and really want to show off a nice color map (not dreary February lighting). Any ideas?

You have to make sure all the gps u do info are not taken off the photos after you do the batch.

When I got to Properties-Details I still see GPS coordinates. I don’t know what I did wrong.

I have edited pictures with Lightroom multiple times before uploading them to DD and it always worked fine. What kind of export settings do you use?

I don’t really know. I never really use Lightroom. What setting works best?

I would suspect that some important exif information is getting lost somehow.

Thanks. I’ll try again.

I had the same problem using Photoshop. Saw GPS data and things looked okay, but to no avail. I just ended up uploading the images and editing in Sketchfab later.

Make sure Lightroom imports the photos with ALL necessary data as well as when you export from lightroom.

Hey @dwindham

I am by no means an expert in the lighting side of things, but would it do to color correct after the processing of the images? Instead of each individual image prior to upload, work with the output from DroneDeploy. just a thought.

good luck!

Scott Lashmit

I’m not sure what the best way would be to post edit these file types.

Indeed, i suppose it would depend on your final product, resolution and format. If you export a JPG and scale to a 2’by3’ then i would think a program like adobe, lightroom, or even GIMP would let you do what you need to. I am not sure how those handle geotiffs but maybe someone else with a little more expertise on this end could tell us?

Yea, I’ve tried editing in photoshop after and it never drops in ArcGIS correctly after that :frowning:

Ahhh yes, not sure the exact process here, maybe someone can jump in, but essentially you will need to ensure that the EXIF information is passed along with the edited image.

LOL we all agree that the EXIF info needs to be passed along, and to check the settings, but which ones do that :slight_smile: I have tried a couple of combinations with no luck. I like the pre-processing option as it is a little harder to edit the visual settings of the 3D model post-production. Sketchfab has done a okay job with the files I host there, but still :slight_smile:

Has anyone figured the best way to edit photos yet? I have an entire set that is dark and it would be great to modify that. Suggestions would be great.

Lightroom, Photoshop etc… make sure it passes and does not edit any gps exif data or they wont work in the program.

That’s exactly my issue. I have an older version of Paintshop Pro. There is an option to save the exif but I’ve noticed it strips the GPS data but leaves everything else. Pretty frustrating. Guess I need to find another program.

Are the photos dark due to the time of day it was flown or due to the camera capture?

The camera capture. One mission took just fine but this one was very underexposed. First time this has happened. Also, first few missions with my new P4P. It was a very bright sunny day.