Best speed

I am not experienced with these sorts of things and would like to know the optimal speed for mapping with a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.

Depends on lighting, but the DroneDeploy app will control the speed according to the overlaps you choose so there is really no reason to adjust unless you have to fly in low-light conditions.

Hi @LuMa,

@MichaelL’s response is correct! While you can set the max speed for your drone, the actual speed of the drone can vary depending on your flight parameters: altitude, sidelap, and frontlap are all settings that can change the drone’s speed. We automatically calculate your drone speed based on your flight parameters, so it can’t be “set” by the user.


I know that but it sets the speed to 15 m/s on all of my projects and that seems to be to fast as pictures taken in the middle of the day get motion blurred.

Hey @LuMa, I also recommend our Making Successful Maps guide. There’s a section in there about motion blur—the best way to fix motion blur is to improve the shutter speed, but flying slower or higher can also help.

That might be because you set your overlaps the same (or close to it) every time? Speed is not camera driven from an exposure standpoint hence the ability to slow it down.