Best Racing Quadcopters

I want to know some specs of Racing Quadcopters in cheap range

The Phantom 4 Pro is pretty darn fast in sport mode, but I’m guessing that you’re talking about the Drone Racing League type of quadcopter?

I talked to a couple friends of mine that have been trying the racing drone scene (we all come from a rc car background) and they seem to think highly of the Furibee Darkmax 220. Seems to be pretty inexpensive and fast!

I’m still very happy with my zmr250 frame ! ! Looks nice compact enough and good space inside to work with, i don’t like the box style square drones that much but nothing wrong with them, they are compact. and lighter ? if that wins races then i guess thats the way to go but my ZMR looks just right ! Besides with carbon, anything can be light

What would be a major benefit to have in future is a compact, easy to install and configure gps solution, for RTH for when i would like to do some country trekking, every once in a while, it will also just be nice to have it in case of video feed loss !!! like dji put in their bigger drones, the gps unit in those drones are there, but you don’t see them. Nice !

So build a frame that would have a “compartment” / “area” for a compact gps. And then get companies to build those gps components.

You can look at the Best Racing Drones available and they are affordable too. They come with a lot of advanced features that perfectly match your racing skills.

phantom 4 pro is fast but if you have any better option please tell me ?

The Mavic 2 Pro has the same top speed and is smaller so would probably make a better drone for those purposes. Even the original Mavic Pro would probably be a better choice even though it is a little slower out of the box. I have seen that their are some hacks and people have been able to take it from 40mph to 50-55mph, but we all know the liability that comes with that.

That said actual racing drones are a little bit different breed. They are typically even smaller than the Mavics and are barebones built for speed. The list above is good, but these are a little closer to true racing models.

thanks you for this post

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