Best practice to make 253 acers big mission


i need to make a orto mosaic and 3D of a beautifull place golf country club and hotels facility
MY PROBLEM IS its 253 acers and i have only 3 baterry 2 tb47 and 1 tb48 for my inspire 1
1 . wher is the best place inside the poligone i need to be for deploying
2 . is it posible to make it with 3 battery 100 meter high
3 . its a big project what risk i have that i must know and i dont

Normally I would suggest you use our continue mission feature and just plan the larger map and switch out batteries in between missions. The newest firmware update has made that difficult because the phantom and Inspire both fail when uploader larger number of waypoints. If you do end up flying this area, you can fly a number of smaller areas at a high altitude. Make sure there is overlap between each area. You can then let us know and we can combine them for you.

ok sound like ther is option to stich two mission so just need to overlap between them
i will try both way
thanks chase

If you can fly multiple missions with overlap we can always stitch them together.

nice so i will do it this way