Best NDVI cam for Inspire


SInce I am an AG engineer I want to broaden my business for Agruculture with my Inspire 1.

What would be the best modified NDVI cam for I1? I know there would be some limitation on the I1 modified cams, but I hope I can get good AG results, using a modified cam.

Also is there any advantage in AG if I use thermal cam? Any idea?

Thanks for any reply.

We’ve seen mixed results with the modified inspires. We haven’t seen consistent results from any one vendor. Hopefully a user will respond with their experience because I don’t have any direct experience.

Thanks for your answer, realy appreciate it…
I would be happy to hear from anybody who had real/direct experience with any modified NDVI cam for inspire.

Hm, I just found this:

“NDVI-7 (Blue/Green+NIR) better than (Blue+NIR)”

Any experience with this lens?