Best Ground Control Points solutions

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I have a Mavic 2 Pro and an Inspire 2 and using Drone Deploy for mapping a gravel pit for inventory and volume

There is so many solutions out there, what would be the best and cost effective solutions to have a ground station that would work for ground control points on the mavic 2 pro.

list equipment below that I would need thanks!


System auto-tagging will pick up 2x2 quads and 2ft Xā€™s with at least 3in legs, but that is still not a 100% guarantee and I usually ended up having to verify and/or reset to make sure it was getting all 8 images filled. The targets that they chose to focus on can become expensive.

That said, literally anything larger than 1ft in diameter. I normally use orange Home Depot 5-gallon bucket lids or permanent structures already on site.

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What is the device you actually use to successfully record the ground control points? Is it expensive?
Thanks for the help will do some research

I use the Emlid Reach RS2 receivers and MicroSurvey FieldGenius data collection software. The entire package is between $3500 and $5500 including survey accessories which is pretty inexpensive as far as true survey grade GNSS equipment goes. Just as a reference the bigger names like Topcon and Trimble are $30k and the Emlid performs just as well.

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awesome I will do some research on these. Is it worth getting the DJI RTK station or does that only work with the Phantom 4 RTK?

It is only good for the P4RTK and honestly the D-RTK2 is just about the same price as an RS2 base and rover. You can use the logging of an RS2 for PPK on any correctly outfitted drone including the P4RTK.