Best Ground Control Points solutions

Good day,

I have a Mavic 2 Pro and an Inspire 2 and using Drone Deploy for mapping a gravel pit for inventory and volume

There is so many solutions out there, what would be the best and cost effective solutions to have a ground station that would work for ground control points on the mavic 2 pro.

list equipment below that I would need thanks!


System auto-tagging will pick up 2x2 quads and 2ft Xā€™s with at least 3in legs, but that is still not a 100% guarantee and I usually ended up having to verify and/or reset to make sure it was getting all 8 images filled. The targets that they chose to focus on can become expensive.

That said, literally anything larger than 1ft in diameter. I normally use orange Home Depot 5-gallon bucket lids or permanent structures already on site.