Best Android Tablet for DroneDeploy, take two

In the earlier thread about this, the NVIDIA Shield was mentioned several times but it seemed like there was some question as to whether one should purchase the Shield now or whether they should wait for the new version. Everywhere I’m looking it says out of stock for the old version and the new version does not seem to be out yet. Is there a good Android tablet I can buy right now so I can get started with DroneDeploy? I want to get going, but I don’t want something that will be laggy. I appreciate any thoughts.


I use a Shield but the Nexus 9 was my second option. It has the same Tegra K1 processor as the Shield.

We seem to be having the best luck with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S ($300). It seems to have the brightest screen among the lot, and is reasonable with the other stuff. Only downside is having to put up with the Samsung bloatware.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with the Android 5.0.2 work? Anyone using it with the Phantom 3 Pro?

As I need to take new Android tablet as DroneDeploy do not fire up on Intel Atom tablet, I’m looking at Huawei Mediapad M2 (Kirin 930 octa core prosessor) as new tablet. Has anyone tried Kirin prosessor tablets with DroneDeploy? How about Mediatek prosessor ones as cheaper alternative?

OK, everybody uses Cortex A7-A53 processor tablets for DD… :wink: well, need to lookup also Pix4D offerings if they will work on variety of Mediatek/ Kirin/ Intel Atom Androids…

Pix4D uses the same DJI SDK as we do so they will also have a limitation with Intel tablets.

@chasemgray, thank you for answering about Intel Atom related problems, but really need to know if Cortex -line processors are only supported or do DD support also Mediatek and Kirin -line processors?

The DJI SDK should theoretically work on any ARM based processors.