Best altitude with various lenses


Using DJI X5s camera with various lenses. I need to provide 1 cm resolution to clients.

What will be producing best result:

  • Flying lower with 12 mm lens.


  • Flying higher with 25 or 45 mm lens?


Hi @matstar,

With a longer lens you will want to fly at a higher altitude due to the shorter FOV. I would recommend flying at higher altitudes with longer senses to capture more data that can be used to stitch the imagery together successfully.


But how does DD know which lens we are using? Wouldn’t it significantly impact overlap/number of photos needed calculations? Also, why would using a 25mm (50mm effective) lens be better at 200’ the height of using a 12mm (24mm effective) at 100ft? Wouldn’t the results be exactly the same?

DD doesn’t know, that takes your judgement. 50mm obviously has more zoom equalling less FOV and better detail at the same altitude.