Best 3D Software?

I have exported a OBJ shapefile zip and have tried to process and resize the file in various software. I have tried photoshop (bad) Blender (confusing) and windows 3D printing software. All I want to do is resize the zip file to under 100mb. My plan is to use the 3D model in an Augmented Reality piece of software to show a client :slight_smile: Any advice people ??

I’d also like to hear from the community on this topic.

I use a range of Autodesk software to manipulate things. 3DS Max is my tool of choice, but for the novice, it would be as confusing as Blender not to mention rather pricey. I’ve been impressed with Blender but have not used it much. Autodesk’s ReMake may work for you.
There are a lot of on line Autodesk things you can try under their 123d series.

In your shoes, I would probably use Blender and visit YouTube to find out how to do what you’re wanting to do. Do it enough, and it will become easier. Figure out repetitive commands and customize the Blender CUI to streamline the process.
Are you using Unity and Vuforia for your Augmented reality? Just curious.