Bench testing issues with CSC

Just wanted to share an issue I found while doing bench testing on the P3. After setting up and planning a test path (no Props) I initiated a take off via the app. Once motors spun up I did the CSC to stop the test, only to have motors rev up again and again. I was able to exit the app and change into atti to stop the start up, but that is it. In my thoughts, no matter what, if a CSC is entered, all automation should stop. I am not sure if this would still happen if the craft had gotten any elevation, but if I kill the craft, I want it dead, not trying to revive itself.

Also, Is it normal for the P3 using a Shield to not be able to make any adjustments other than the height of the run? I have no options for overlap/battery/anything else.

The only option is altitude and there is also a single toggle for slightly higher overlap.

I’ve seen that where the drone keeps trying to spin up. It appears to be a dji thing. We don’t call takeoff more than the one time it is clicked.

Gotcha, thanks. I can’t see it affecting anything “real world” for sure.