Beginner help

I am new to all parts of this (drone,edit, photography, videography…) And am just looking for a little help. I bought a new evo2 DUAL!! Like every other virge does, right?? Well I’m pumped and flipping love it. It’s amazing in my opinion, remember it’s my first, but feel like some of the videos and pictures I see other droners showing off are way better than mine. What gives? Some general settings and or just the tips and appreciated. Thanks an THANK YOU for letting me in the crew. I won’t let you down.


While the E2 Dual 320/640 is a great drone it is purpose built for inspections. The reason others media looks better is simply because many of them have cameras designed for photo and video media. The Dual has a 1/2" CMOS where most of what we are flying has a 1" sensor. Secondly the Dual uses a quad-bayer sensor which is great for up close still imagery it is not suited for mapping or long range video. It is one of the best tools for the use case it was designed for but this is exactly why most of use have 3, 4 or more drones. I personally have 4 and fly one of them 75% of the time.

I have an EVO II with 640T as well as Pro (6K) camera gimbals, have also had the regular EVO II (e.g. with 8K) which was replaced by Mavic 3 Pro. As Michael said, different tools for different jobs. The RGB camera in the 640T dual (e.g. not the thermal) is about the same if not the same as the regular 8K EVO II camera in specs. It can take very good photos, granted you are dealing with fixed aperture so some limits vs. using the Pro (6K). For mapping type missions, have found the 8K camera to do a good job and also seems to fly the missions faster, better than with the 6K. Granted there is no dronedeploy fly app or litchi fly support, so need to fly the missions with Autel Explorer missions.

Way you say your photos or videos are not looking good, whats not good about them? Are you shooting in auto modes or what manual settings are you using? Have seen some crap looking footage and photos come out of other drones including top of the line if settings are not right, or depending on how shooting etc.

As for settings unless you have a specific example or sample to show and share, spend some time on Youtube and the videos and information you are looking for are there…

Good luck