Battery Trouble After Flight!

I was just flying My P3S and nothing out of the ordinary. Lowe battery warning came on and I landed it. I let the battery cool down and recharged like I always do. Now When I hit the power button quick then hold for 2 seconds The battery Boots up and indicates the charge amount and Promptly Turns off ? Any one have this problem before ? Please help me I am a First time owner and love my drone never had any problems but now all of a sudden this ? The drone is less a bit over a year old.

Any chance it needs a firmware update?

I am Up to Date On All Upgrades on Firmware and Hardware

Maybe you need replace a new 4s lipo battery for your P3S…

@DivenParker I’m curious how many flight you have carried out on the battery. The sudden drop in voltage during your flight makes me think that it might be time to replace it. I have experienced this first hand and it is not a fun or safe scenario.