Battery Replacement With 40 ha Flying?


I have a P4, something like:

I would like to shoot 40 ha. The program recommends 3 batteries. Do the drones automatically return to the battery exchange or do I have to go home?


Hi @Csab_Hor,

I’m not too sure I understand your question. If you swap out your batteries, the mission will resume from its last point, not from the beginning.



Will the dron fly back for example at 12% of charge with the DroneDeploy software? Will the software automatically recall the dron at low battery?


Hi @Csab_Hor,

The drone will automatically return home once the battery reaches a critical level. You can also set this battery percentage manually in the DJI Go app.



Thank you very much! The answer is perfect! I wish you a nice day!


I always hit the RTH button in the app around 30% and don’t wait for the low battery setting. It may be far away when it hits it. It is better to take personal control and bring it home when it is closer.


Thanks, this is a very experienced and wise idea.