Battery Indicator showing red empty battery outline

On my flight this morning, DroneDeploy showed me a red empty rectangle indicator for the battery. It looked like it was trying to tell me the battery was empty. No percentage was shown. The interior of the rectangle was all white/background color.

The RC confirmed my expectations of 100% battery for the RC and the Mavic Pro flight battery.

Hi @sminar,

This can intermittently happen when the drone is not able to send a signal to DroneDeploy. This is similar to a failed text message. If the battery was extremely low, the Mavic’s internal software would cause the drone to RTH.

I would recycle power on the drone and controller.
Uninstall and reinstall the app.
Recycle power on the mobile device.

One of the above should cure it.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Drone and controller have been power cycled (and firmware updated) several times.
Just updated the DroneDeploy app (iOS).
No luck with accurate battery status so far.

Seems odd, as I got proper indication on my very first flight. Every flight since has resulted in no usable images.
Not sure where to go now.

Did you power cycle your mobile device? They build up conflicts.
Maybe try another mobile device.
It’s a new iOS app as of two days ago - 2.0.46

You might try DJI GS Pro on an iPad as a back up - autonomous flight app like DD.

I have power cycled the phone, but did so between DroneDeploy updates. Will give that a shot. That said, it “shouldn’t” matter :slight_smile:

The battery status indication appears to be a communication / API issue between DroneDeploy and DJI.
I’ve not yet tried “closing” DJI Go before opening DroneDeploy. I’ll give that a shot but don’t think it’s an issue.

Thanks for the DJI GS Pro tip. I’ll take a look. I do own the autoflight autopilot app, now owned by hangar, which could do this mission as well. Just a bit more involved setting it up properly.

Saw this issue and resolved it by using a different battery. When I reused the initially ‘defective’ battery all was well.

The other thing I did was to copy the Drone Deploy mission, delete the original and fly the new one.

No problems after that.

Exact same problem with battery indicator not working. Parbar I have cycled the power. UAV still returns home in safe time but stressful to not know exact battery status.

I had the same problem today. Battery indicator is red and shows “O”. Checked Phantom battery upon landing and it had four green bars.

I am having this same problem. Anyone find any consistent solutions?