Batteries Phantom 4 Pro not charging

I placed batteries in the 3 port charger and set it to storage. 2 batteries are now “dark.” charger light is red. Green battery status lights do not turn on. I’ve tried unplugging charger, re-inserting batteries, pushing the on off battery buttons in many combinations, I’ve even watched youtube. Batteries are less than a year old, had been charging well and flying well until I switched them to “storage.”

Hi @Vince,

I suggest reaching out to the manufacturer of your drone as this appears to be an issue with your P4P and not the DroneDeploy app or software.


There is a P4P group on Facebook you might ask about this.

Just an FYI: Christina is right, this is not a DroneDeploy issue. I did contact DJI by live chat. This turned out to be a warranty issue. They did not have an explanation why 2 batteries tanked and 2 did not. The red LED light on the 3 battery charger indicated that no battery is connected so something inside the battery is not hooking up. DJI was good to work with on this.

I’m glad you were able to get assistance for your issue, @Vince!