Batteries getting old?

Mavic Pro; moderate use over past 4 or 5 years.

I have 5 batteries purchased in 2017. Several are now beginning to bulge/swell on the bottom side. What are the ramifications of this? Are these batteries safe to use, or should they be disposed? I have not seen any warnings from the device.

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How long have they been sitting or did they sit on average? Have they consistently been stored between 35 and 50%? If you can push on the casing and it feels like there’s air underneath then definitely do not run them.

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Use has been pretty light, just once or twice a month, sometimes a bit more frequent. I found that they had usually discharged to about 40% as they are designed to do. The bottom (soft) part of the casing is swelled, like air or fluid inside. I figured when they get that way they are probably not usable. I have two that are still normal to get me through today’s flights.

So the decision is $200 for a few new batteries, or $3000 for a Mavic 3??? Looks like time for the upgrade.

Does the gap feel pressurized or just that you can tell their space in between? If they feel pressurized you need to go get them disposed of properly. That is the gas buildup that the cells are venting.

Or $1300 for the Air 2S Fly More combo.