Bad GPS on Drone error; but my P4P is perfectly fine in any other app, 15+satellites available

Summary of Issue: My P4P will not take off in DD. It keeps saying bad GPS on drone. Ive tried everything from changing the order of starting my devices, moving my drone all over the site, etc. In ALL other apps, including DJIGO4, there are no problems whatsoever.

Date Issue Began: 4/27/18

Drone Model: P4P, all firmware up-to-date

Mobile Device Model and OS version: iPhone 6S up-to-date iOS as of today

DroneDeploy App Version: up-to-date as of today

Hi Jay,

Sorry to hear you weren’t able to successfully initiate your recent mission with us. Did you try calibrating your compass to see if that resolves the issue? Please give it a try if you haven’t already and keep us posted on your success.


If I get that error on my P4P, I will often do as Stephanie says and calibrate the compass and see that I have sufficient satellites in the DJI GO4 app. Then when I switch to the DD app it usually connects.

You also may want to recycle power on your iPhone to clear out possible conflicts.

  1. Make sure your firmware is up-to-date.
  2. Make sure Multiple Flights Modes is set in the DJI GO app.
  3. Patience. It can take up to a minute or so to get GPS connection.