Backround Map During Upload

Having the last map as the background when planning a flight is really nice. It would also be great if you could do that when uploading photos manually so you could set the perimeter more accurately. My instance is that I flew a site with nadirs and obliques. I use the nadirs for the GCP map and I upload the map again with all the images including the obliques to run in structure mode without GCP’s to get a nice building model. Thanks!

Hi @MichaelL,

Just wanted to clarify something here - you want an old map as the base layer for flight planning?

Keep me posted,

For manual photo uploads. An instance was a 70 acre plot of land that had a 4 acre area with buildings on it. I had already run the asbuilt map and wanted one including obliques to get the best building rendering possible. It was too hard to pick out just the pictures that had the buildings in them and trying to modify the perimeter to condense it to that area. Total image count was 450+, but after I “guessed” and created the building perimeter there were only about 120 pictures including the obliques. One another side note… even though I had decreased the area significantly I feel that the system still included way too many images around the perimeter I created. It knocked a bunch off, but still had 4 or 5 rows/columns outside of the perimeter that it didn’t need.