Back button to go back to list of flights

There are times when I need to end a flight and then go back to the list of flights and select either the same mission or a different one. But there are no navigation tools to do that. Say, for example, I need to abort a flight by switching from “P” to “S” mode. That mission is scratched and my drone is still up in the air. I might want to move the drone to a different location and then start the same or a different mission.

Unless I’m missing something, the only way I’ve found to do this is to “force close” DroneDeploy, restart it, pick my project, select my mission, and then hope it starts while it’s in the middle of flying. It would be nice to have a “Stop” button or some other screen navigation tool to go back to the list of missions so I can pick one. Force closing the app seems a bit brutish…and it wastes time with the drone is using battery hovering.