BaamTech base

I am tearing my hair out getting started with creating a BaamTech (BT) base file? Can anyone suggest what I need to do as the company wont help.
Workflow I unsuccessfully tried is:
Set up BT base outside in the field, switch on and wait 5 minutes.
BT tell me to record a 1Hz base file. How ??
Cors stations are available for PPK later.
Prepare the drone with DJI app, connect BT antenna to drone. Start motors for 5 minutes but stayed on the ground.
I have Maps Made Easy and Trimble GeoXH 6000 but did not use these to create the base file.
Result was no file on the removeable disk inside the PPK base unit. ??
Any suggestions are most welcome.
ps the drone flys well, the PPK unit has worked well in the past before I started here.

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