I recently had my P4P modified by BAAM Tech to add PPK which adds an antenna to the top and a box behind the gimbal to collect the data. The drones flies fine with DJI app but when I try to fly a mission with DD it takes off and immediately lands. No errors pop up so I’m not sure what the issue is. Is it a weight thing? A sensor thing? Any help is appreciated.


Ouch, sounds like a dicey one. No telling what they did to the camera and circuitry to make it all work that may not be compatible with the DroneDeploy programming.

@crontegy We don’t support BAAM Tech PPK. Although it sounds like the obstacle avoidance may have been triggered possibly because of the antenna and box, and initiating it to return to home. Very interesting technology though!

Even if DroneDeploy won’t fly and fire it doesn’t mean that you can’t fly externally and then load the images in…

Can I turn off obstacle avoidance during a mission?

And I typically use DroneDeploy for flying missions, not for processing pictures.

Thanks for the responses!

Yes you can turn off OA.

I tried turning off the OA lately but it didn’t work. I turned it off in DJI app then opened DD and it would not fly. Went back to DJI app and OA was turned on again. Am I missing something?

If you turned it off in DJI then you should have been good. There is a toggle in the flight plan setup, but I don’t think that is supposed to do anything if DJI is off. Since it turned back on by itself in DJI you might check with the DJI forum and/or BAAM. Since they modified the drone I’m out of guesses.