Automatic Return to Home

What is the battery percentage at which the new version of DroneDeploy
automatically triggers the return to home? Is it possible to change this percentage of DroneDeploy in DJI GO 4? How?

Hi @Vitor_Fessel,

It’s triggered at around 20-25% and you cannot change the percentage.


I understood Christina, but when the Drone Deploy triggers the return to home at 20%, or 21%, or 22%, or 23%, or 24%, or 25%? Is it always a surprise? I would like to understand this schedule to be able to use the maximum amount of time available from the battery for the mapping. In what situation will the value used be 20%, or 21%, or 22%, or 23%, or 24%, or 25%? That means that, considering 30 minutes of flight of the Phantom 4 Pro, it will return home between 24 minutes (20%) and 22.5 minutes (25%) of flight, correct?

Hi @Vitor_Fessel

The Drone will return between 20-25%. There is an exact value but we say between 20-25% because during the mission the drone can experience different loading which can consume battery life much faster or slower than expected. Also, the age of the battery or number of cycles it has experienced will play a role in how quickly it depletes during flight. An older battery will generally deplete faster than a new battery when it gets below around 40%.

I would recommend cycling your battery’s by turning on the drone and letting the battery deplete completely without any type of load (props off) around every 50 flights. The industry is still coming up with best practices when it comes to drone batteries but I find that the 50 flight mark is an appropriate time to carry out a deep cycle with the batteries. Please let us know if we can help with anything else moving forward.


Hi, Zach. How to estimate the corresponding time between 20 to 25% battery? What is the benefit of doing a deep battery cycle every 50 flights?

Thanks, Vitor.