Automated drone and charging

Have a farmer who wants a drone to automatically fly out of a box and fly around to scare birds off of sun flowers a pretty valuable crop, he is willing to 5k or more per box… has anybody seen anything real… I have researched a little and saw BirdX and Skysense and body know of anything production or custom out there would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Marlon_Ferguson,

DroneDeploy does not have this feature but I’d love to see this myself!


Yes me too, this seems like an obvious solutions for golf courses and other people that see damage from birds. Right now it is manually done with drones but is too time intensive

I heard on the radio about a year ago of a home security service talking about having a drone in a box with an inductive charger that would take off and record any security incident when alerted. This is the closest I have heard to what you want. I don’t think it was real yet, but you may want to check around.