Auto Export Preparation


This is something I have been thinking about for a while just behind being able to sort my folders… wink, wink. It would be very nice if we could define a template of exports that we would like to receive every map. For instance, in my case it would be the following.

Orthomosaic WGS84 @ 8in/px
Orthomosaic EPSG2277 @ 2in/px
Elevation DXF Contours @ 1ft
Point Cloud LAS EPSG2277

Thank you!


Hi @MichaelL,

I believe you’ve been in touch with @Stephanie about this recently. Has she been able to help you out?

Keep me posted,


I don’t recall having any discussions with her about this specifically. It may have come up at some point that we were talking more openly about different topics? I don’t see anything in my messages or emails.


Hi @MichaelL,

I’ll be sending you a PM about this. Be on the lookout!



I would also like this. Sometimes I forget to export after the flight and then someone needs that big geotiff in a hurry and I…um…can’t. :sweat:


Hi @dwindham,

I’ve taken note of your request and will share it with our Product team. :slight_smile: