Auto Export Optional Overlays

We seem to have lost the capability to connect to any of our services for Auto Exports to populate to. There is no longer an option and it defaults to download which I am assuming that they will just be automatically ready for download from the Exports pane?Also, we need Auto Exports to not have the overlay when generated. Because the DroneDeploy overlays are only 2-point alignment they are not accurate enough for our needs. We do 3-point alignments in Bluebeam.


Reiterating the need to exclude overlays on an Orthomosaic Auto-Export. I flew a map yesterday without GCP’s so the overlay does not line up and is useless. Re-exporting kind of defeats the purpose.

Bringing this back up. We need the ability to auto-export orthomosaics WITHOUT overlays. Many of us do work outside of DroneDeploy with CAD, GIS and PDF software and having poor quality and/or misaligned overlays already on the map makes them useless.

As for the auto-alignment, it doesn’t work… at least not consistently. I don’t know how many maps that we were flying just for visuals reported a 5cm alignment success and with the compare function they were obviously no better than 100cm.

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Bumping… Please exclude overlays or provide the option to exclude them from Auto Exports. The function is useless to anyone that wants a clean map, doesn’t use GCP’s or the design changes. Pretty common factors in my opinion. @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe

Hi Michael,

Did you get a resolution to the integrations question? - your CSM Jon should be able to help you out on that if you reach out to him.

Re- auto exports - I agree - in general it’s weird to include overlays on auto exports because they are based on whatever happens to be turned on at the time of export. Are there any cases where it makes sense to have them, or would you expect them to be hidden/disabled for all auto-exports?

I have a similar concern with geotiff exports including overlays if they are turned on in the map UI. Is that ever useful? (I know it’s useful for PDF exports in many cases)


Turns out the integrations we had are paid for services now which we will not be paying for special licenses for software that we already have their licensing for.

I think exporting maps just needs some flexibility. Personally we won’t use any overlay exports until DroneDeploy’s overlay mechanism is more accurate, but I can see where there may be some users who don’t need the linework to be as accurate as what we do. Beyond that even if the overlay mechanism is improved there will need be the ability to create separate exports for each overlay layer.