Auto camera settings in DD app not correct?


After a flight today where I had the DD camera setting on auto I noticed in the image exif data that the sharpness is set to Hard and the ISO was set to manual - is this normal ? The hard sharpness setting produces some pretty ugly artefacts that will impact the look and detail of the final map. I thought ISO was supposed to switch to Auto ?

P4Pro with latest firmware. DD latest version. DJIGo4 latest version

We do increase the sharpness a bit which should help with the image stitching. I don’t suspect that the sharpness is the cause of the artifacts since this is also what everyone else is flying with. Could it be a red herring?

Please check the EXIF data of each photo to see if shutter speed or ISO is changing at all. If it isn’t then for some reason your exposure mode wasn’t set to auto by the app. If it is changing, then the DD auto is working.