Autel Robotics SDK


+1 would definitely like to see this developed


+1 just uploaded and received map data with my xstar premium. leaning toward using DD for joint venture with surveyor. future plans include autel’s kestrel for long range and extended flight time missions. automation will clinch the deal


+1 for Autel / DD integration!


+1 here as well, would definitely sign up and utilize for ag and construction work.


+1 for DD integration with Autel


+1 Yes, please integrate with the x-star premium by Autel Robotics. DJI has shown over the past year that they no longer care about their customers or the quality of their products for both myself and many others. Being constrained to their products for no other reason than the need for software is difficult. For myself, I can no longer tolerate their business practices and must choose another platform to use and support regardless of the challenges that may cause. Please don’t keep all your eggs in one basket in terms of a particular drone manufacturer. Many thanks


I am going to take a roof inspection test on probably my own house so that I can join the ranks of pilots who will get property inspection flight jobs for insurance purposes. Being able to use the Drone Deploy autonomous app with my X-Star would be a huge benefit. Until then I may have to fly the stitching mission by hand. I am a Part 107 certified pilot using my Autel to try and find aerial work.


+1 Yes, This would be huge to advance my business. I would love to be able to use my X-Star Premium for this kind of work. DO IT DO IT DO IT


+1 - would like to see this happen. Especially for their Kestrel fixed wing unit. It would open a lot of doors.


+1 I use my X-Star for all my mapping, use DD to create flight plan, then manually enter way points to X-Star. Make flight with manual camera settings. Upload photos etc… It would be great to have DD autonomous flight with my Autel X-Star.


Autel still hasn’t publicly released their SDK. We’ll keep an eye out for when they do.


Autel released the SDK in Jan of 2017…


They released a press release of their SDK. Those I spoken to have told me about lots of internal troubles at Autel.


Ok. I thought it was public now. From what I
understood you needed to contact Autel directly and they would provide you with the SDK. Thanks.


We’ve sent a few requests. If we hear anything we’ll take another look at doing this.