Autel Evo question

New to the community with an Autel Evo and wondering how I can use DD to create maps with my pics? Found an old post from ‘17 stating they manually create waypoints and build mission but nothing found on if this is capable with current Autel products. Seems possible since the useable data is embedded in every pic but I’m a newby at mapping software but have enough understanding and interest to get myself in over my head quickly! Consider this my leap of faith into the world of mapping!

You can upload any geotagged images, so whatever flight app you want to use is fine. A basic waypoint mission is not available at this time, but is a feature request.

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I did hear back from DD saying the same thing and will have to give it a try on my next flight. Being a home inspector I know this will be a good tool to add to my list of capables. Thanks for the help.

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To use DroneDeploy you need to have a drone that DD can work with to plan and control the flight grid and operate the camera.
With DD, you can fly a precise grid and shoot at precise distance intervals collecting multiple images with the required precise overlaps.
Trying to do that manually isn’t going to give good results.
Unfortunately Autel have not released an SDK to allow their Evo to work with software from developers like DD.
Until they do, the Autel drone is not suitable for mapping jobs at all.

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Like I said before, you can upload any geotagged imagery.