Autel EVO 2 RTK and Smart Controller

Here is the accuracy from DD just from the drone itself. And a Photo of the drone and SC.


3D model of my house…

RTK alone with no GCP’s? That looks about right on par with the P4RTK and the Yuneec H520E RTK that I have seen.

What was your average sampling distance from the structures? Looks amazing! Kudos.


Neat! Do you have link? Would love to see in all its glory.



@jmason702 - Thank you for posting this, it’s extremely helpful considering Autel’s RTK model is so scarce. Speaking of which, can you tell me where you purchased and what you paid? We’ll be happy to tell the shop we were recommended by you, if we buy from them.

Is my memory correct, does Autel’s EVO II w/RTK also offer something along the lines of 4x optical zoom?

I’m truly surprised by the quality of that model. Without a pointcloud file, it’s tough to identify what might be texture vs true 3D mesh; however, that may qualify for one of the best photogrammetry models I’ve seen. Would love to know how you flew that, for example, did you use an orbit w/three-plus altitudes, how many photos per ring/altitude?

Thanks again, this is awesome!

2 Likes $3200.00 for EVO 2 PRO RTK

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If you buy one, tell them Building America sent you

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YES 4X optical zoom up to 8X digital