Aspect ratio set on 16:9 during mission

hi there

in the last week I noticed that drone deploy has started capturing images in the 16:9 aspect ratio and this is less an ideal for Surveying

I have changed it in the DJI app to 3:2 Aspect Ratio then cancel out of that app and open up DD but still images are coming out as 16:9.

I am thinking of re installing the DD app

any Advice would be great

Any ideas on how to change this would be great as I’m flying again tomorrow

The 2.62 version of the app in the app store fixes this.

Hi @Jesse,

Have you updated your DroneDeploy app to version 2.62? If you’re still experiencing this issue after the update, please let me know immediately.


Hi Christina

yes I have and the app is working fine now. It is taking images at 4864x3648
thanks for the follow up

cheers jess

Awesome! Glad to hear this. :slight_smile: