As-built of landfill liner

I used DroneDeploy to assist in the creation of an as-built drawing of a 15 acre landfill liner. The images were obtained at 158 feet above ground level and 256 images were stitched to create the 27K x 19K pixel orthomosaic.

On this image I was able to read the installer’s and our CQA tech’s notes written on the black HDPE liner.

I had to reduce the size of the image by 1/2 for my CAD software (TurboCAD) to display it as an underlay but after doing that, I traced the panel outlines and added the notations with CAD. I kept the original image open on a second monitor and referred to it for details.

The resulting drawing is not survey grade but it is sufficient for the documentation. Sure beats drawing it out by hand.

Hi @Jon_spaller,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum to share your experience with the community. Do you have a map you can share? Would love to see the end result.


Awesome @Jon_spaller, thanks for sharing. Would you mind messaging me a link to the map?

We have done the same and it is awesome. We have incorporated our GCP’s and/or the data from our ebee Pro RTK unit and are right on top of the surveyors data.