Area units in Annotation report

Is there a way to get consistent units in the annotation report. See image. One of the area measurements is in acres, the other in sq.ft.

It’s an amount threshold. This has been discussed for years so basically it is just not one of the heavy items. We’re not real fond of the report formatting so rarely use them and kind of just forgot about this. Please chime in here a revive the request.

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It would also be nice to have totals based on either annotation type or color. This would save exporting into excel, deleting unit of measurement from all annotations, computing to the correct measurement, and computing totals.

Are you using materials? You have to define an attribute to get a separation.

For us, our erosion control division uses this to measure large areas for seeding, mulching, matting, etc… so color is the only attribute we can assign to the Area annotation.

You could use the volume as it gives you the area but I don’t think it shows up on the report. They could probably add it since the data is already there.

Real solution is that 2D area also needs a materials. We do the same kind of takeoff for matting and had them add the surface area to the measure because it is calculated on slopes. The numbers don’t usually look like that much but when you calc it on tens of acres or more it’s a big deal.


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We love the surface area to factor in slopes as much of what we do is in ditches and slopes.

I see what you are saying with using material attributions. Materials are still separate in the Annotation Report but added together in the Stockpile Report. Useful but it only outputs the volume, mass, and value. Not so useful for the surface area annotations. So I agree, 2D needs materials.


Hi @nminer21 @MichaelL I will bring this up with our Product Team to get some eyes on it and see what we can do here.