Area smaller than intended. How to reprocess?

We set a plan for an area but turns out the area needs to be larger.
Is it possible to reprocess from the base set of images to try and capture larger area??

@AeroRecon can you clarify what you mean by “reprocess from the base set of images” ? Thanks

Sure. I realized the area I planned on the mission was smaller than the area I needed to be processed.
The images that the mission captured covered well into the expanded area.
If I just adjust the area to be larger, it does not take into account the the photos uploaded could be reprocessed to pick up the expanded area.

I copied the mission and reuploaded all the same pics after adjusting the area. One part of the area did expand but another area did not. I guess I was just thinking that maybe if I just expand the area, there could be the possiblity of reprocessing an area based upon the actual images captured and uploaded.

Probably not stating the correctly…but its a shot.

Thanks for responding!


There is a work-around for this. Can you tell me what the area looks like? I.E. is it a square or rectangle area or is it a polygon with several sections (5 or more)? How much overlap from the previous flight plan do you need to cover?

If it is a square or rectangle area, design 4 separate flight plans (one for each side) to cover the area you missed on the original flight plan. Take all those images and reload the photos from the original plus the 4 sections that are new and BOOM, you have it made.

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Sorry for delay in response. I think I get what you are saying.
I really only need to extend two connected sides and a small rectangle should work for each.
So if I just create a new plan for each extra chunk, then were am I uploading the new pics to to get processed into one big completed plan?




I think I get what AeroRecon means… He ran a mission that was for example 20Hectares, he then in the processing, only chose to process 10 Hectares. Afterwards, he realised that he needed 15 Hectares and wants to be able to process the existing imagery already uploaded, but not processed… I am currently having this issue at least, as I am in Malawi and only have phone data, thus re-uploading 1GB worth of information isn’t worth it, given it is already on the drone deploy server.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated!


With the actual data collected, being here: